Wednesday, May 29, 2013

SUPER CRACKED #31, 1 of 3

Cracked seemed to do more re-packaging than any other humor magazines, probably so there'd always be more than one incarnation on the newsstands. In the 80's, when Mort Todd became editor, he took advantage of their vast inventory to have their annuals be not just random articles thrown together. Super Cracked #31 was a collection of the comics parodies they'd done throughout the years.

The cover is by Bob Fingerman, one of the newer artists brought in. I've known him for a long time and by posting this cover, I'm violating my unwritten policy of not posting cartoons by people only a few years older and still very much active, but it is the cover for the articles to come.  photo 5-29-1_zps605ca52d.jpg This spread by John Severin reference the first foray of comics culture into mainstream media, using the catchphrase “camp” inspired by the Batman TV show.  photo 5-29-2_zps5fb8bfc0.jpg Drawn by Bill Elder in one of his few solo pieces.  photo 5-29-3_zps2a73762f.jpg  photo 5-29-4_zps598ebc1e.jpg  photo 5-29-5_zps4d711e1a.jpg  photo 5-29-6_zps4f94a57b.jpg  photo 5-29-7_zps6241cee5.jpg  photo 5-29-8_zpsda353b60.jpg Bill Ward  photo 5-29-9_zps1aa1b554.jpg  photo 5-29-10_zps049c79a1.jpg  photo 5-29-11_zpsa6f39ee9.jpg  photo 5-29-12_zpsf906d738.jpg By longtime Superman artist Kurt Schaffenberger.  photo 5-29-13_zps0cb8d6b5.jpg

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