Monday, May 27, 2013


Just when you thought it was safe to look at my blog again..oh, wait. They used that joke. Anyway, here's the October 1978 of Crazy with another cover by Marvel house cover artist Bob Larkin  photo 5-27-1_zpsda95cca9.jpg Parody of Jaws 2 illustrated by Kent Gamble  photo 5-27-2_zpsc9a70f74.jpg  photo 5-27-3_zps682a7351.jpg Murad Gumen  photo 5-27-4_zps7727f269.jpg  photo 5-27-5_zps9fabe718.jpg Vic Martin  photo 5-27-6_zpsa64f30bd.jpg  photo 5-27-7_zps16105cc7.jpg  photo 5-27-8_zps4ea37890.jpg  photo 5-27-9_zps71a40d9e.jpg  photo 5-27-10_zpsa3e93b15.jpg  photo 5-27-11_zps908f9d59.jpg The first panel by Gary Brodsky is swiped directly from a Jack Davis article in Mad.  photo 5-27-12_zps06ba4df8.jpg  photo 5-27-13_zps842f6187.jpg  photo 5-27-14_zps2ab4afd7.jpg Speaking of swipes, I've been told Walter Brogan stole an entire page from Mort Drucker for this F.I.S.T. parody but I haven't been able to find it.  photo 5-27-15_zpsc7b795f5.jpg The inside back and back cover were written by Mike Weiss, whom I've met a few times. He's only a few years older than me and wrote for them while he was still in high school. Perhaps we'll hear about that experience from him in the next few weeks.  photo 5-27-16_zps3da78e82.jpg  photo 5-27-17_zpsd001b0de.jpg

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