Thursday, May 30, 2013

cartoons from GALLERY

These cartoons were all done for the December 1972 issue of Gallery, a magazine modeled more after Playboy, but still having some of the same type of content as the pulp skin magazines that were phasing out.

This one by Charles Rodrigues  photo 5-30-1-gallery12-72_zpsf634d79a.jpg  photo 5-30-2_zpsb80aea2f.jpg  photo 5-30-3_zps5df33c69.jpg  photo 5-30-4_zpsee1f616e.jpg  photo 5-30-5_zps0ca11350.jpg  photo 5-30-6_zps4ad23dcc.jpg  photo 5-30-7_zpsc1543a02.jpg  photo 5-30-8_zpsc66b0546.jpg  photo 5-30-9_zpsd51cc3e4.jpg Jared Lee  photo 5-30-10_zpsddf04f47.jpg  photo 5-30-12_zps9b75df3a.jpg Mal Hancock  photo 5-30-13_zpsfc5b4c32.jpg  photo 5-30-14_zps6988ea77.jpg John Caldwell  photo 5-30-15_zpscccd8057.jpg

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