Saturday, June 1, 2013

Great Cartoons of the World Series 9, part 5

More from the book Great Cartoons of the World, Series 9 from 1975

First up is James Stevenson in The New Yorker.  photo 6-1-1_zps3cee7630.jpg Norman Thelwell  photo 6-1-2_zpsc828909c.jpg Jerszy Flisak  photo 6-1-3_zps80b967c6.jpg Three-pager by Jean-Jacques Sempé for Denoël  photo 6-1-4_zpsf4754617.jpg  photo 6-1-5_zpsff4da80e.jpg  photo 6-1-6_zpsce72dee7.jpg Mischa Richter for the New Yorker  photo 6-1-7_zpsa3ec0221.jpg Boris Drucker.  photo 6-1-8_zpsc9a85725.jpg Eldon Dedini  photo 6-1-9_zps349e0ce1.jpg The recently deceased Vahan Shirvanian  photo 6-1-10_zpsab218b66.jpg Adolf Born  photo 6-1-11_zps3da1e469.jpg Jules Stauber  photo 6-1-12_zpsf59ab480.jpg Charles Saxon in New Yorker  photo 6-1-13_zps63491070.jpg

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