Monday, June 3, 2013


This issue of Crazy is from November 1978  photo 6-3-1_zps0957b20b.jpg Parody of this particular ad.  photo 6-3-2_zps865405dd.jpg Parody of Grease by Murad Gumen and Kent Gamble  photo 6-3-3_zps362733fc.jpg Vic Martin  photo 6-3-4_zpsc5399c8a.jpg  photo 6-3-5_zps7cc4e5ca.jpg  photo 6-3-6_zpsf92595b5.jpg  photo 6-3-7_zps7be328e2.jpg  photo 6-3-8_zps3ff14fbf.jpg  photo 6-3-9_zpsd1bc9505.jpg  photo 6-3-10_zps7e5d473f.jpg  photo 6-3-11_zps684015aa.jpg  photo 6-3-12_zps9538674e.jpg  photo 6-3-13_zps183f472d.jpg Yet another attempt at tying Crazy in with Marvel Comics.  photo 6-3-14_zps3ce996ea.jpg  photo 6-3-15_zps448a34cc.jpg

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