Wednesday, June 5, 2013

SUPER CRACKED #31, 2 of 3

Here's a continuation of printing the best of the superhero parodies from Cracked as of 1986. Namely Super Cracked #31 from that year.

Drawn by John Severin  photo 6-5-1_zps2790c987.jpg  photo 6-5-2_zpsb9ff2ac4.jpg From If the Comics Were Drawn by Famous Movie Directors by Bill Ward, the first two pages of which are here.  photo 6-5-3_zps820c0995.jpg  photo 6-5-4_zps2d43cb45.jpg  photo 6-5-5_zpse2d45fac.jpg Samuel Whitehead  photo 6-5-6_zps6220a1b1.jpg  photo 6-5-7_zps98245e5c.jpg Don Orehek  photo 6-5-8_zps6413151f.jpg Bruce Day  photo 6-5-9_zps5100eb47.jpg

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