Thursday, June 6, 2013

Drug Humor

Stoned people had a somewhat eclectic sense of humor. Usually they would print work by well-known underground cartoonists like S. Clay Wilson  photo 6-6-1_zps2cfbd8c8.jpg Then there were those by cartoonists who weren't as well-known, maybe local, maybe not on a par with the bigger names, but somewhat talented in their own right.  photo 6-6-2_zps2db23d86.jpg And people who went on to bigger things.  photo 6-6-3_zps3dd64c7a.jpg  photo 6-6-4_zpsf9091a9d.jpg  photo 6-6-5_zpsf187fe54.jpg Often papers such as the National Weed might get strips from syndicates and be able to print strips by people like Gilbert Shelton...  photo 6-6-6natlweed_zpsa896f84e.jpg ...or Kim Deitch...  photo 6-6-7_zps163991f8.jpg ...or Bill Griffith...  photo 6-6-8_zpsa4d96aac.jpg ...or Spain Rodriguez...  photo 6-6-9_zpsaf6acf42.jpg ...but a lot of the time it was things like this... things that were probably funny when really stoned...  photo 6-6-11SoCalOracle1967-08p02_zps1acae062.jpg ...or just things that made sense only when stoned.  photo 6-6-13_zps6e1ca223.jpg Why psychedelics? Because often it's the only way to understand something like the above.  photo 6-6-14_zps8f55820b.jpg Often I wonder what the sponsors thought of the finished ads when they saw them, if these were done by the newspaper staff.  photo 6-6-15_zps7e6b9947.jpg Are you enticed to seek their product because of the execution of these ads? I mean besides as places to possibly find killer weed.  photo 6-6-16_zps624abac1.jpg I'm just waiting for someone to come out of nowhere and say “Hey, I did this art. Why are you making fun of it, man?”  photo 6-6-17_zpsa9a04f14.jpg  photo 6-6-18_zps26cfd339.jpg

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