Thursday, June 13, 2013

Aww, Snap

These are cartoons from an issue of Snap, published in April of 1941. This was a digest-size pulp/”news” magazine.  photo 6-13-1_zps20d48df5.jpg  photo 6-13-2_zpsad8708e4.jpg  photo 6-13-3_zps9d02a00d.jpg  photo 6-13-4_zps2eaab805.jpg  photo 6-13-5_zpsc50a2a96.jpg  photo 6-13-6_zps9cd83f14.jpg  photo 6-13-7_zps685fccfd.jpg  photo 6-13-8_zps134ab63a.jpg  photo 6-13-9_zpsab6bda2d.jpg  photo 6-13-10_zpsef0e019e.jpg  photo 6-13-11_zpsc573e855.jpg  photo 6-13-12_zpsc1c697c5.jpg

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