Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Something Else, 2 of 2

More of the establishment's attempt to co-opt youth culture from Something Else #2 in March 1971...  photo 4-17_zps8a62f4cc.jpg  photo 4-17-1_zpsb2782169.jpg  photo 4-17-2_zpsfdfda3d0.jpg  photo 4-17-3_zps913a03ce.jpg  photo 4-17-4_zps799420a9.jpg  photo 4-17-5_zps6682fa7c.jpg  photo 4-17-6_zps261d1116.jpg  photo 4-17-7_zpsa7da40f7.jpg Based on the popular phrase about Nixon, “Would you buy a used car from this man?”  photo 4-17-8_zpsa40536c5.jpg  photo 4-17-9_zps8195df0c.jpg  photo 4-17-10_zps6a6fe9c3.jpg  photo 4-17-11_zpsa3c8079b.jpg  photo 4-17-12_zps2898b997.jpg  photo 4-17-13_zps3a6b400e.jpg  photo 4-17-14_zps8d2916bc.jpg

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