Thursday, April 18, 2013

The last of Humor for Stoners (we hope), part 3

I did Humor for Stoners before, showing what people on drugs were expected to read in the 60s and 70s, here's some more in honor of the upcoming 4-20 this year.

We'll start off with professionals well-known, with this example by Joel Beck, from Berkeley Barb volume 8, number 12, sometime in the 60s or 70s.  photo 4-18-1_zps77064b3f.jpg Next we have some strips from Harvest #2 by “Hooter”  photo 4-18-2_zps9772941a.jpg  photo 4-18-3_zps69113ea5.jpg  photo 4-18-4_zps47433d52.jpg From Harvest #3  photo 4-18-5_zps62015297.jpg  photo 4-18-6_zps3d7ac315.jpg  photo 4-18-7_zps4c0020dc.jpg  photo 4-18-8_zps5e3ba2dc.jpg Someone tell me what's going on in this these next four pages from Washington Free Press in 1969.  photo 4-18-9_zpsafa3809c.jpg  photo 4-18-10_zps6e7be830.jpg This was in that same issue of Free Press. I think this is by John Thompson in Kukawy Comics  photo 4-18-11_zps20c8f04f.jpg  photo 4-18-12_zps3409ba25.jpg More polished art by Gilbert Shelton, which I don't think is in any collections, at least not with this palette. It's from Oz volume 31 #38, an Australian sex magazine.  photo 4-18-13_zps025ab9dc.jpg  photo 4-18-14_zpse4e0bbaf.jpg  photo 4-18-15_zpsc440470f.jpg  photo 4-18-16_zps57ba60f0.jpg Last, but not least is this from Love Street (I have no idea if it was named after the Doors song), June 1968  photo 4-18-17_zps36d617f3.jpg

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