Saturday, April 20, 2013


Here's the next to last of this book from 1969 edited by John Bailey.

This first page is by Charles Elmer Martin or The New Yorker  photo 4-20-1_zpsb859115a.jpg Two-pager by Quentin Blake  photo 4-20-2_zpscd8c4205.jpg The book says of Blake in the foreword:

”If Paul Klee had followed his early inclination to become a cartoonist, my own idea is that his cartoons would have become very close to those of Quentin Blake. They have a delightful cheery quality and, though satirical, are involved with the happy world. His crisp line and unclichéd kind of drawing appeal to the child in the adult, which perhaps accounts partly for the popularity of his children's books.”  photo 4-20-3_zpsc0e21222.jpg Barney Tobey for TheNew Yorker  photo 4-20-4_zpsa0d335c0.jpg Vahan Shirvanian for the New Yorker  photo 4-20-5_zpsc8d5ddd4.jpg Two pager by Claude Smith for This Week  photo 4-20-6_zps549e0e16.jpg  photo 4-20-7_zps2146c0a5.jpg I try to clean things up, but sometimes it's just impossible to scan something that goes across the spine of a book, especially when it's library bound. Case in point: this cartoon by Anatol Kovarsky  photo 4-20-8_zps7e38064e.jpg The last of this book will be posted next week.

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