Monday, April 22, 2013

Crazy # 37

Looking back at these magazines, I have a different perspective. Not that they're not as funny as I remember, you can say that about a lot of things. They're not as professional as I remember them either. When I was a kid and bought them when they came out I just assumed everybody that worked for them was a celebrity, made a million dollars. I imagined there being a Crazy building in the city with every name inside having a 9 to 5 job. Little did I know most of the names were aliases of editor Paul Laikin and even though Stan Lee's name was on the masthead, he probably never read the magazine or knew of its existence.

This issue from April 1977 has a cover by Bob Larkin that as usual belies the contents inside.

In the late seventies Lee Majors and Farrah Fawcett were everywhere so it only makes sense they'd be on the cover to sell magazines.  photo 4-22-1_zpsaf5f537f.jpg Gary Brodsky, later publisher of Solson Publications, notorious for being bottom-of-the-barrel during the black and white boom of the 80s and not paying their clients.  photo 4-22-2_zpsa77793a2.jpg Parody of The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries drawn by Walter Brogan  photo 4-22-3_zpsf82d3cb3.jpg  photo 4-22-4_zps22db7a12.jpg  photo 4-22-5_zpscd29bf8d.jpg Vic Martin  photo 4-22-6_zps852e9024.jpg  photo 4-22-7_zpscbb80f0f.jpg Alan Kupperberg  photo 4-22-8_zps01de82bd.jpg Sam Viviano  photo 4-22-9_zpsa118a7a5.jpg  photo 4-22-10_zpsdfd89cad.jpg I'm not sure, but I think this may be the same Charles Nicholas that drew almost every story for Charlton Comics.  photo 4-22-11_zps6e6b79bc.jpg  photo 4-22-12_zpsc1b97096.jpg  photo 4-22-13_zpsa74599b0.jpg  photo 4-22-14_zps06796af1.jpg Marvel seemed to always be pushing Howard the Duck on their readers to remind everyone this was a Marvel magazine.  photo 4-22-15_zps4f87d7e0.jpg  photo 4-22-16_zpsdf4f60fb.jpg  photo 4-22-17_zps12728ba7.jpg  photo 4-22-18_zpsade9ede6.jpg

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