Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Something Else #2, 3 of 4

More of the issue of Something Else I've been posting these past few Wednesdays from March 1971.  photo 4-24-1_zpsca93c976.jpg  photo 4-24-2_zpsbda67603.jpg  photo 4-24-3_zps1b6a709a.jpg  photo 4-24-4_zpsd53b6c6e.jpg  photo 4-24-5_zpse588535f.jpg  photo 4-24-6_zps1327bd55.jpg  photo 4-24-7_zps076ef806.jpg  photo 4-24-8_zpsb7d46577.jpg  photo 4-24-9_zps27a33fe4.jpg  photo 4-24-10_zps241086b3.jpg  photo 4-24-11_zpsd1cbbd19.jpg  photo 4-24-12_zps7782ee6a.jpg  photo 4-24-13_zpsca200341.jpg  photo 4-24-14_zps826da6e6.jpg  photo 4-24-14_zps130e0631.jpg

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