Thursday, April 25, 2013

More cartoons for hobos

A few weeks ago I posted the cartoons from Hobo Life. It turns out the culture was big enough in the thirties for there to be a competitor. Here are the cartoons from volume 6, number 4 of Hobo News from around the same time.  photo 4-25-1v6-04_zps290d0efa.jpg  photo 4-25-2_zps911cfd3d.jpg  photo 4-25-3_zps5b586f40.jpg  photo 4-25-4_zps026ff4dd.jpg  photo 4-25-5_zps4483e4e1.jpg  photo 4-25-6_zps1005cffa.jpg  photo 4-25-7_zps861e15b7.jpg  photo 4-25-8_zps0a7697a3.jpg  photo 4-25-9_zps578e8083.jpg  photo 4-25-10_zpsddc10d8f.jpg  photo 4-25-11_zpsde21fd6b.jpg  photo 4-25-12_zpsa1db7524.jpg  photo 4-25-13_zps8173f197.jpg  photo 4-25-14_zps647f1060.jpg  photo 4-25-15_zpsbe26029f.jpg  photo 4-25-16_zpsa97db20e.jpg  photo 4-25-17_zpsef342f80.jpg

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