Monday, April 15, 2013


Here's another issue of Crazy from March 1977.

In their usual trend of exploiting celebrities on this cover by Bob Larkin are The Fonz, John Travolta, Darth Vader, Donny and Marie Osmond, Lee Majors, and Lynda Carter.  photo 4-15-1_zps194eaf75.jpg The inside front cover from Sam Viviano  photo 4-15-2_zps29bcf9bc.jpg Parody of M*A*S*H drawn by Kent Gamble  photo 4-15-3_zpsa6e677dd.jpg Gary Brodsky  photo 4-15-4_zps6289f4d3.jpg  photo 4-15-5_zpsb3257254.jpg Jack Sparling  photo 4-15-6_zps7283fb1d.jpg Tony Tallarico  photo 4-15-7_zps3145e432.jpg Walter Brogan  photo 4-15-8_zpsda65850c.jpg Ray Billingsley  photo 4-15-9_zps6c5287e7.jpg  photo 4-15-10_zps5152b10c.jpg  photo 4-15-11_zps4421ab06.jpg  photo 4-15-12_zpsc337d914.jpg Dave Manak  photo 4-15-13_zpsb99de602.jpg  photo 4-15-14_zps568312a2.jpg  photo 4-15-15_zps24b76191.jpg David Wenzel  photo 4-15-16_zpsad8c6c22.jpg

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