Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Something Else, 1 of 4

In the early seventies, they didn't know how to market humor magazines. Used to be Mad was the model, now National Lampoon comes along, they need to market something the demographics in between. To make matters worse, countercultural entertainment is replacing what's been done for years, what's a comedy writer or cartoonist to do? The answer: Something Else.

This was a magazine typical of the entertainment then, people over thirty, trying to figure out what youth would like now. Something Else, similar to the well-meaning aesthetic with Grin and Up Your Nose and Out Your Ear from March 1971 came with holes punched in it so high school students could hide it in their binders.  photo 4-10-1_zps7f8685d1.jpg  photo 4-10-2_zps418f55f6.jpg  photo 4-10-3_zpsbe001755.jpg  photo 4-10-4_zps2b23988d.jpg Silly adults, thinking LSD came in liquid form.  photo 4-10-5_zps7d8279fe.jpg  photo 4-10-6_zpse7f538e0.jpg  photo 4-10-7_zpsad8bab9e.jpg Another misnomer: Womens' Lib hippies burn their bras. I think this is drawn by Jack Sparling .  photo 4-10-8_zpsc2f2e975.jpg  photo 4-10-9_zps8e5cecb4.jpg  photo 4-10-10_zps874bb97f.jpg  photo 4-10-11_zps90a803ce.jpg  photo 4-10-12_zps26f78b6c.jpg  photo 4-10-13_zps859c8c08.jpg  photo 4-10-14_zpsa139baa1.jpg

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