Monday, April 8, 2013


Here's a look at what people thought was funny, or at least someone did, back in January 1978, under a deceptive cover painting by Bob Larkin.  photo 4-8-1_zps13f33f3f.jpg  photo 4-8-2_zps2a1b3d2e.jpg Parody of the Jaws-inspired blockbuster The Deep by Murad Gumen. Notice how much the cover looks like the poster in the hyperlink.  photo 4-8-3_zps8b8ffbf5.jpg  photo 4-8-4_zps3f5e0487.jpg Tony Tallarico  photo 4-8-5_zps32bbd022.jpg David Manak  photo 4-8-6_zps7454bc69.jpg Ray Billingsley  photo 4-8-7_zps2dd33163.jpg  photo 4-8-8_zpsf0183c5f.jpg  photo 4-8-9_zpsa534d23c.jpg  photo 4-8-10_zps478ae8d3.jpg Vic Martin  photo 4-8-11_zps9ff14c8e.jpg  photo 4-8-12_zps8d5efd89.jpg  photo 4-8-13_zpse985dec0.jpg Gary Brodsky  photo 4-8-14_zps56cf6578.jpg Sam Viviano  photo 4-8-15_zps753647ab.jpg Parody of What's Happening? by Walter Brogan  photo 4-8-16_zps3e174302.jpg

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