Saturday, April 6, 2013

Great Cartoons of the World Volume III, part 8

More from the book Great Cartoons of the World, Volume III Anatol Kovarsky  photo 4-6-1_zps77fe30ad.jpg James Stevenson for The New Yorker.  photo 4-6-2_zps37f277fb.jpg This three-pager is by Jean-Jacques Sempé for Editions Denoël  photo 4-6-3_zpsf816ba91.jpg  photo 4-6-4_zps40066fe3.jpg  photo 4-6-5_zps110e89a2.jpg Robert Day for Saturday Review  photo 4-6-6_zps6e2d3ad0.jpg Stanislav Holý for Dikobraz

Editor John Bailey writes of him in the introduction:

Stanislav Holý is a Czechoslovakian comic-artist, from which appellation the word “artist” cannot be taken away. He has deep understanding of form, and so can make fun of it. The richness of suggested detail in his work is satisfying and amusing, and because he possesses a strong sense of design, all the queer things he drags into his drawings work for him. His Kafka-like statements are eternal and transcend a momentary funny thought.  photo 4-6-7_zpsc61d35da.jpg Bill Tidy for Punch  photo 4-6-8_zpsd3951454.jpg Two of Cesc's trademark beggar cartoons:  photo 4-6-9_zpsd792beaa.jpg  photo 4-6-10_zps6c6a1de5.jpg Two-pager by J. M. Bosc in Paris Match  photo 4-6-11_zps5afcf058.jpg  photo 4-6-12_zpsbdfa2738.jpg Charles Saxon.

I had to cut off part of this to avoid shadows, but the person speaking was on the lower left talking to their kid.  photo 4-6-13_zps65591b30.jpg More next Saturday.

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