Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hobo Life, 1 of 2

You know the hobo archetype in Nancy comics? The unshaven bum with the bindle on a stick that stole pies people left to cool on the windowsill? They had their own publication at one time, and here are some of the cartoons from a random issue, sometime in the thirties.  photo 4-4-1_zps9b5643b4.jpg  photo 4-4-2_zps0cef080c.jpg  photo 4-4-3_zpsc43f2186.jpg  photo 4-4-4_zps7498d72d.jpg  photo 4-4-5_zpsaac01dc2.jpg  photo 4-4-6_zps6645e520.jpg  photo 4-4-7_zpsd677278b.jpg  photo 4-4-8_zpsefb36901.jpg  photo 4-4-9_zps49a330cc.jpg  photo 4-4-10_zpse51fa5ea.jpg  photo 4-4-11_zps30d80a2a.jpg  photo 4-4-12_zps8c0162a4.jpg  photo 4-4-13_zps81868708.jpg  photo 4-4-14_zps26956f1f.jpg  photo 4-4-15_zpscd65c3d8.jpg  photo 4-4-16_zpsd2239e0e.jpg The rest next Thursday.

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  1. It's a merry old life on the road...

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