Wednesday, April 3, 2013


You see, because Sylvester P. Smythe is about to poke Mr. Kotter in the penis!

Actually, I don't think that was the intent. But here's a look into the lens of popular culture back in November 1976.

First is the cover story for this issue of Cracked by John Severin.  photo 4-3-1_zpscafd0544.jpg Then the story itself. As mentioned before, in the seventies Cracked was their parodying then-current movies and TV multiple times, in this case Welcome Back, Kotter.  photo 4-3-2_zps1eef8076.jpg Bill Ward  photo 4-3-3_zps24e8d791.jpg Bill DuBay  photo 4-3-4_zps8934cedb.jpg As I mentioned last week, around this time they were always trying to sell copies by using The Fonz whenever they could.  photo 4-3-5_zps7fa85577.jpg More humor about the Bicentennial from Don Orehek  photo 4-3-6_zps2db6a44f.jpg  photo 4-3-7_zps758d1e6f.jpg The Fonz appears in this parody of beach party movies.  photo 4-3-8_zps1c07e042.jpg  photo 4-3-9_zps8c6bc65b.jpg Reprinted from issue 84.  photo 4-3-10_zpsf137edd9.jpg  photo 4-3-11_zpsd5fc24da.jpg  photo 4-3-12_zps2ecb7237.jpg  photo 4-3-13_zpsecc709f6.jpg Michael Ricigliano  photo 4-3-14_zpsafa5f0e4.jpg Continuing with their exploitation of The Fonz, the inside back cover had a T-shirt iron-on. This is a flip of that image.  photo 4-3-15_zpsba7d4773.jpg  photo 4-3-16_zps7696ed43.jpg

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