Monday, April 1, 2013


Next up is the 32nd issue of Crazy, dated December 1977.

Cover by Bob Larkin  photo 4-1-1_zps3198e14e.jpg Inside front cover by Murad Gumen.  photo 4-1-2_zps686cfa55.jpg Parody of this obscure film from the 70's that isn't remembered now called Star Wars, illustrated by Alan Kupperberg.  photo 4-1-3_zps7b026e02.jpg  photo 4-1-4_zps7c7f7dbe.jpg Art by David Wenzel  photo 4-1-5_zps212c6a38.jpg  photo 4-1-6_zpsdfe3af1e.jpg  photo 4-1-7_zps9a9f1318.jpg Kent Gamble  photo 4-1-8_zps5a5c17da.jpg  photo 4-1-9_zps27747a91.jpgAlias of Michael Ricigliano.  photo 4-1-10_zps45a48b33.jpg  photo 4-1-11_zps4d0a2263.jpg Vic Martin  photo 4-1-12_zpse805fb14.jpg Sam Viviano  photo 4-1-13_zpsb01e8d07.jpg  photo 4-1-14_zps78fb8098.jpg  photo 4-1-15_zps49ae43f7.jpg  photo 4-1-16_zps8cd2b882.jpg Parody of Black Sunday illustrated by Walter Brogan.  photo 4-1-17_zps660aab2f.jpg I think the guy furthest on the left is editor Paul Laikin. I don't know who the others are.  photo 4-1-18_zpsfb968fdb.jpg Next Monday:CRAZY #33

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