Saturday, March 30, 2013

Great Cartoons of the World III/7

I could swear I wrote things about these cartoons but I must not have saved the file. I'm not at home and don't have the source material. Just some names and hyperlinks I'll have to write back in later.

But anyway, here's more from Great Cartoons of the World, Volume III...  photo 3-30-1_zps3733167b.jpg  photo 3-30-2_zpsd193897e.jpg  photo 3-30-3_zps1f1af819.jpg  photo 3-30-4_zpscd77c82c.jpg  photo 3-30-5_zps68c6a69b.jpg  photo 3-30-6_zpsdd155e99.jpg  photo 3-30-7_zpsa263c269.jpg  photo 3-30-8_zps5306be04.jpg  photo 3-30-9_zps4e697bba.jpg  photo 3-30-10_zps33499573.jpg  photo 3-30-11_zpsb6421708.jpg  photo 3-30-12_zps73c0d1c6.jpg  photo 3-30-13_zpsa24c16e3.jpg

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