Thursday, March 28, 2013

still more dirty cartoons

These next two are from Rogue, October 1964  photo 3-28-1Rogue_Oct1964_zps7b77bd8a.jpg  photo 3-28-2_zps7a453ba1.jpg By Vic Martin from Men's True Danger volume 6 number 7, September 1969.

This has nothing to do with anything, but the file name is written as one word all in lowercase and I keep seeing it as “menstuation anger”.  photo 3-28-3menstrueanger6-7sep69_zps890bbdfe.jpg  photo 3-28-4_zps33ef8d19.jpg By Bill Wenzel from Cavalcade, June 1968  photo 3-28-5cavalcadejun68_zps42bd3b74.jpg This one's from that too.  photo 3-28-6_zpsa0ce6340.jpg Bill Ward in Eve, September 1962  photo 3-28-7Eve1962-09p019_zps8e3344cf.jpg These three are from the first issue of Harem. I can't tell if the shading on the leftmost man's coat is a signature or just shading.  photo 3-28-8harem1-2-4_zps67d514ab.jpg  photo 3-28-9_zpsca57826d.jpg  photo 3-28-10_zpsf9054e17.jpg These two are from volume 8, number 11 of Bronze Thrills. I think these cartoons were originally meant for another magazine the company published being that it's a pulp magazine for the African-American demographic and these cartoons clearly are not.  photo 3-28-11BronzeThrillsv08n11-047_zpscde30785.jpg  photo 3-28-12_zpsd5c3071f.jpg From Oz volume 31 number 6, sometime around 1969. Oz was an underground Australian magazine devoted to both sex and drugs. Here's yet another parody of the famous Charles Atlas ad.  photo 3-28-13oz_31_06_zps383e2960.jpg


  1. Any idea who did that first one at the very top?

  2. No, but I think a lot of these artists used their real names for more "reputable" magazines. Or at least I want that to be true.

  3. It's really gorgeous, and I love the colors