Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Here's another issue of Cracked from October 1976

One of many parodies of Laverne and Shirley they did. One editor told Mark Arnold in his book If You're Cracked, You're Happy:

“I know the one year I was there, I believe every cover that I did – 10 covers – had Fonzie on the cover. That was the thing that just blew me away was that it was kind of a real revelation to pull at the time. Here we were doing this magazine and had been successful, but then the Fonz thing – the Happy Days thing came along. I remember the cover and everything where he puts Fonzie on the cover and when he did, the sales must have gone up because he tied in to all those ABC shows at the time that were hits: The Six Million Dollar Man, Laverne and Shirley. All of the kind of pop culture shows that were on at that time, but every cover – and you can talk to John Severin because he’ll remember this – every cover, we had to figure out a way to get Fonzie on the cover. It was amusing to me, but we did it. We always had Fonz in there. We had Fonz posters. We had Fonz special issues. It just happened to be the one year. I believe that they were still doing Fonz covers when I left, but that one year they did, maybe one or two they didn’t.”

The cover, like almost all, is by John Severin.  photo 3-27-1_zps20f1c975.jpg Inside front and back cover of the magazine.  photo 3-27-2_zps5bc92f2e.jpg  photo 3-27-3_zpsa26b8948.jpg Sururi Gumen  photo 3-27-4_zpsf4f42f39.jpg  photo 3-27-5_zps1dadbe48.jpg Vic Martin  photo 3-27-6_zps1e11aa64.jpg Illustrated by Don Orehek. The joke about Superman exposing himself is nothing new. It begs the question, though: What do superheroes do now that there are fewer landlines now?  photo 3-27-7_zps734b05ac.jpg More Severin. Euell Gibbons was a well-known celebrity in the 70s that advocated eating from nature.  photo 3-27-8_zpsf0bfe9d9.jpg  photo 3-27-9_zps03ea8d92.jpg  photo 3-27-10_zpsc723a875.jpg  photo 3-27-11_zps93c8b5b5.jpg  photo 3-27-12_zps72b468e9.jpg Parody of The Bad News Bears.  photo 3-27-13_zps73a04b2c.jpg Bill Ward  photo 3-27-14_zps24507c40.jpg Michael Ricigliano did this and the back cover.  photo 3-27-15_zps7daff3c7.jpg  photo 3-27-16_zps3cbc6232.jpg

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