Monday, March 25, 2013


This issue of Crazy from October 1977. Almost all of it is reprints from past issues, though there were a couple all-original inserts, including this one written by then-editor Paul Laikin, who a few years earlier had some success writing The JFK Coloring Book. Of course, he couldn't afford an illustrator like Mort Drucker for the sequel, so he used one of Crazy's regular artists, Walter Brogan, to do the art. Years later Laikin and Drucker reunited for The Ollie North Coloring Book.  photo 3-25-1_zpsb232f3a5.jpg  photo 3-25-2_zps1c60f5b9.jpg  photo 3-25-3_zps6ceb1394.jpg  photo 3-25-4_zpsfeab85b0.jpg  photo 3-25-5_zpsec3638b2.jpg  photo 3-25-6_zps467e29b1.jpg  photo 3-25-7_zps470c0a3d.jpg  photo 3-25-8_zpsa2c04b63.jpg  photo 3-25-9_zpsd7acc0b4.jpg

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