Saturday, February 9, 2019

Magic Whistle Radio Hour 213

Things I've collected over the years or acquired on mixtapes and comps or gathered from the internet or the library or my parents' attic. The different sources are the reason for the volume disparity. I make no claims to "discovering" or "owning" anything. Probably neither do you. It's whatever I feel like playing that week. Every Saturday. No repeats. Things that may or may not be familiar. Who knows? The time's next to each song in case you don't like something or it's icky or if you don't want your kids to hear it. Don't let offense at one song cloud your impression of the curation as a whole Past weeks here too. Just type "Audio" in the search engine. Or if you're too lazy to press a button more than once, here's everything up to the end of December 2018. You don't get the all playlists, though. You can right-click this if you want to save a zip file of this one (containing an mp3 of the file) for later. Here what information I was able to find:

0:00 SKIP STANLEY- Planets (1958)
2:15 SIMON & THE PIEMEN- Cut It Out !
4:00 EARL WEAVER- Manager's Corner
   from LP The Beau Hunks Play The Original Laurel & Hardy Music

7:09 FLOYD ROBINSON- Sonja (1959)
9:32 ROCKY & HIS FRIENDS- Peabody Here
   from LP Rocky and His Friends (1961)

10:55 STAN AND DOUG- Mr. Sears and Roebuck
   from LP Those Swedish Meatballs Stan and Doug Are at It Again (1972)

13:15 RUSTY WARREN- Red River Sally
   from LP Knockers Up! (1960)

17:44 SUSY ROSE- Let's Have a Party
20:03 THE SCHOONERS- Viddly Biddly Baby (1958)
22:09 TERRI “CUP CAKE” O'MASON- Men, One To a Hundred
   from LP Adam Stag Party Special #4: Back For Seconds (1960)

24:16 SHERIFF & THE RAVELS- Shombalor (1958)
26:29 JOHN ZACHERLE- The Bat
   from LP Monster Mash (1962)

29:00 UNKNOWN- Snagglepuss (1961)
31:32 THE CHARGERS- The Counterfeiter (1958)
33:48 SPIKE JONES & HIS CITY SLICKERS- Short'nin Bread
35:26 THE FUGS- Boobs a Lot (1965)
37:38 SURF BUNNIES- Summertime Is Surfing Time (1963)
39:44 THE WILD-TONES- The Martian Band (1958)
41:55 PORTUGUESE JOE- Teenage Riot (1957)
44:02 THE ROBINS- Loop De Loop Mambo (1954)
46:15 THE THREE STOOGES- The Story of the Magic Lamp
   from EP The Three Stooges and the Magic Lamp

52:45 THE UNDERBEATS- Annie Do the Dog (1964)
54:51 THE CARL STALLING ORCHESTRA- Drunk La Cucaracha (1957)
   from LP Songs and Stories About The Justice League of America (1975)

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