Thursday, January 24, 2019

Magic Whistle Radio Hour up to January 2019

Duh. I knew I forgot something. Here's all the radio hours I've done from July of last year to January this year, this hyperlink takes you to the six months before that and on the bottom are the ones from before that, and so on. You have 207+ hours of this stuff now. That should keep you busy. Sorry the timestamps and listings of what you're listening to aren't there, but that's what you get for not seeing them the first time. E-mail me if you're really desperate to know.

I know some friends might not like some of the...uh...insensitive material (I refrain from the term “politically correct” now that it's been co-opted by the far right) I'm a guy, though, and middle aged, sometimes these things don't occur to me. I hope that doesn't turn anyone off. When it's new, there's a list with a timer that shows when a song begins and ends, sometimes how old it is and where it's from. Sorry I can't do that rehashing these things. Without much further ado, here you go.

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