Monday, February 8, 2016

Sick #50, 3 of 3

The final installment of the 50th issue of Sick from February 1967. The first two parts were here and here.

I don't know if this article by Bernard Wiseman is referring to something that was actually in the news, but it was one of the articles highlighted and blurbed on the contents page. This is what they said about it:

A new absurdity today is growing square trees, and this article shows how it might look if other products took on different shapes—like square basketballs, round coffins and triangular meatballs! Mostly,this shows what happens when a square writer and artist get together—they create one of the squarest articles you ever saw!

The fact that this was done by a single person suggests that the copy for the contents page was either written before the article was assigned or without seeing the article.
Beginning from the back cover was a 1967 calendar you could hang on the wall. The art here is by Harry “The Professor” Borgman.

And this was the original of that piece.
If you're alive next year, the earth is still here, and you're willing to wait, Next year will be the same as 1967, and you'll be able to use the calendar again.

Maybe you will be here. Even back then, the magazine made the same prediction:

A special twelve-page section featuring the latest MOD outfits, with tips on what to wear each month of the year—if you last long wearing them, that is!
The art on this calendar is by The Professor and Bob Taylor,who was one of his students.

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