Monday, January 25, 2016

Sick #50, 1 of 3

Another issue of Sick from February 1967.

Cover by Bob Taylor
I found the original for this online.
Bob Powell
Al Scaduto
Angelo Torres
The contents page says of this article:

A series of cartoons for the Age of Automation, that has its hero a computer machine—a machine so funny it recently got a job as a social director in the Catskill Mountains! These cartoons were drawn by a mystery cartoonist named “Thumbtack”—who may be a machine himself for all we know...
Because the contents were probably written before the articles were finished, this is called Combining TV Western Shows.

What it would be like if several TV western shows combined into one spectacular—something like “Have Gunsmoke, Will Travel By Iron Horse To the Bonanza At Laredo In The Wild Wild West!” Reading this article, you'll want to start rip roarin'and rip snortin'—but mostly, you'll want to rip pages, the ones from the article!

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