Monday, February 1, 2016

Sick #50, 2 of 3

The second part of the 50th issue of Sick from February 1967. The first part was posted last week.

On the contents page, there is a description of the article:

The latest adventures of SICK's super hero has him crashing the LBJ ranch where he creates a lot of fire and brimstone—they try to barbecue him alive! This time out TEENMAN tries to get a bill passed enabling teenagers to vote—it's vetoed when the teenagers want Ringo Starr for President!
Al Scaduto
Bob Taylor
Harry “The Professor” Borgman
Angelo Torres.

Again on the contents page:

Another glimpse into the world of MOD which reveals the late Mod wear—the late Mod wear meaning when you put them on you look dead! In a recent poll these fashions were selected as those all America should wear—the poll was conducted by the Viet Cong!

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