Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Coo Coo Comics #52, 1 of 2

This was one of Standard Comics' funny animal titles, this was one of the later issues from August 1950.

Supermouse was usually the lead feature in the later issues. There is no signature, but most likely it was drawn by Milton Stein.
According to Grand Comics Database, this was drawn by Ellis Chambers.


  1. Some Supermouse stories were drawn by other artists, but this one is absolutely drawn by Milt Stein. If the follow up story is really by Holly Chambers, then he really must've cleaned up the look of his stuff since his early heroin fueled work. It looks more like early Frazetta to me.

  2. Yeah, the Grand Comics Database can be dubious sometimes, which is why I say "according to". I thought Frazetta too, but it's odd he wasn't placed in the front. Are Ellis and Holly Chambers the same person?