Monday, July 13, 2015

Sick #49, 3 of 3

This is the last part of the 49th issue of Sick magazine from December 1966. The previous installments were posted last week and the week before.

Remember that in the Mad Men era, the idea of females in the military was considered preposterous. Unlike now where we only have pundits making snickering, sexist jokes, back then the idea didn't even occur to people.

This is what the contents page said about this misogynistic article by Bernard Wiseman:

“Our version about what it would be like if girls were used in our army up front—and if it's up front that counts, these girls really stand out—up front, that is. Copies of this article are being sent to our fighting men overseas—after we turned down their original request to send them the girls.”
I had Howard Beckerman as a teacher when I went to School of Visual Arts. For some reason, he doesn't have Sick on his resumé.

“America's fastest-rising super-teen zooms into our society—our Great Society, that is, to lobby for Teenicaire. This new character is unique, in that he's the first super-hero in adventure history who's a high school dropout.”
Here were a few original pages for this story.
Charles Berger

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