Monday, June 29, 2015

Sick #49, 1 of 3

This is the 49th issue of Sick magazine from December 1966.

The cover is by Bob Taylor. Usually there's a blurb on the contents page about the cover but maybe there's not in this case because the cover has the same poem as featured in an article on the inside.
The contents page says of this article illustrated by Bob Powell:

“SICK examples of the new gag craze that is sweeping our nation—and written by a fellow who may soon be sweeping the nation himself, with a broom! Some examples of these 'thin books' are, 'Diets That Have Worked For Me' by Jackie Gleason, 'People I Call Friends' by Westbrook Pegler and 'The Best of Sick' by Ye Olde Editor!”
Here is some of the original art for this.
Al Scaduto

“SICK's version of how some of our favorite nursery rhymes would appear if they were written today—namely, much funnier than they were when they were actually written—a couple of weeks ago. These nursery rhymes are sure to become a permanent part of today's culture—along with poverty, crime, unemployment and other areas of this Great Society.”

“Another SICK film review which shows that movies are better than ever—but our reviews of them are worse than ever”

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