Monday, May 25, 2015

Sick #48, 2 of 3

From Sick #48 in November 1966. The previous few pages are available through this link.

Editor Joe Simon finally had his chance to give it to former boss Stan Lee. Art by Angelo Torres.
Bob Taylor

The contents page describes this article thusly: “More SICK limericks, this time pertaining to different types of jobs—which the writer of these limericks will no doubt be looking for soon!

“These limericks are unusual in that they're written in blank verse—each verse rhymes but leaves you blank!”
Not sure if the defacement is a fist or a penis
Harry “The Professor” Borgman

I'm not sure I understand what they're trying to say. If the point is that one superstition is no different from another, I'd agree, but I have the feeling in this strip they think the missionary is the superior one.

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