Monday, May 18, 2015

Sick #48, 1 of 3

This issue of Sick is the 48th from November 1966.

According to the contents page: “This Halloween cover was left at our doorstep by artist Bob Taylor after he came by and said 'Trick or Treat!'—and we said 'Trick!'”
Bob Powell

The contents page says “SICK's version of what the congested airlanes of the future will look like—a sight that is both gloomy and horrifying. The SICK version that is, not the congestion! This report predicts that traffic will be worse in the sky than it is in the ground—mainly because you won't be able to stop at a Rest Room!”
I believe this is Angelo Torres
The art here is attributed to Gray Morrow.
This was the original art to that piece.
And the original...
This is what the contents page said about their parody of The Dick Van Dyke Show:

“As a protest against killing off the nation's number one comedy show, SICK magazine presents its version of one more segment—a version that may very well kill off SICK magazine!”
And the original...
No, domestic abuse isn't funny or acceptable now but remember at one time it was something people just brushed off. It was even a TV star's catch phrase.

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