Saturday, May 23, 2015

Magic Whistle Radio Hour 22

Things I've collected over the years or acquired on mixtapes and comps or gathered from the internet or the library or my parents' attic. I make no claims to "discovering" or "owning" anything. Neither do you. It's whatever I feel like playing that week. Things that may or may not be familiar. Who knows. Just click this link for all the previous shows. You can also right-click this link for a zip file that contains an mp3 of this one.

Here's the pertinent information for this week:

BOB PECK- Sweet Sixteen
   from LP Moth In the Gray Flannel Suit, 1957

THE BOSSTWEEDS- Faster Pussycat (1966)
BUTCHER BOY- Mr. Sad Head (1952)
CARSON ROBISON- I'm No Communist (1952)
BILLY & THE MOONLIGHTERS-Little Indian Girl (1961)
TRAILER- City Slickers At the Opry (1969)
   also called From Nashville With Music
MERLINE JOHNSON- Don't You Make Me High (1938)
MR. GOON-BONES- Crazy Bone Rag (1950)
TRAILER- Dare the Devil (1969)
PIANO RED- Big Rock Joe From Kokomo (1954)
JACKIE POWERS- New River Train (1959)
TOMMY MARTIN & THE XLS- Hoochie Coochie
RED BLANCHARD- Dig That Crazy Mixed-Up Kid (1954)
DOODLES WEAVER- Eleanor Rigby (1966)
ED MCCURDY-A Little Love Song
ELTON BRITT- Uranium Fever (1955)
TRAILER- Fiend For Flesh
HOPE & MAURY BUNIN- Foodini Goes A-Huntin' (1949)
FRANK GALLOP- The Ballad Of Irving (1965)
   from LP Got To Investigate Silicones, 1973

THE GIRLS- Chico's Girl (1965)
TOM GLAZER- That Ignorant, Ignorant Cowboy (1949)
GINO- Grouch
HOMER & JETHRO- Hay Schmo (1966)

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