Saturday, June 28, 2014

1000 Jokes

From risqué cartoons we go the opposite way...Wait! Where are you going? Come back!... with cartoons from 1000 Jokes magazine, this one dated sometime in the 50s or 60s. I haven't counted to see if each issue of the magazine literally contained 1000 jokes, but I think the statute of limitations for any potential lawsuit about this has run out by now.

The cover usually had a caricature of a comedian of the time and a small article credited to them. We all probably remember Charley Weaver as a panelist on Hollywood Squares. The illustration is by Edmond Kiraz.
How many of these books do you own? I have two.
Chon Day
Brad Anderson of Marmaduke fame.
Bob Barnes of The Better Half fame.
Stanley Stamaty
Dave Pascal
Roth Brothers are everywhere.
Leo Garel
Al Ross, also one of the Roth Brothers.
Harry Mace and Bob Schwartz
Bo Brown, Harry Mace, and Bob Barnes.
I missed a lot of information on some of these cartoonists, so any holes filled are welcome.

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  1. From the December 9, 1956 "These Made Me Laugh" page of the Parade insert reprinting a few of his SatEvePost cartoons: "Cartoonist Walter Goldstein, whose drawings were selected for this page by radio emcee Robert Q. Lewis (CBS, Monday through Friday nights), points out that he writes his own gags -- which, he says, not all cartoonists do. Brooklyn born, Goldstein attended Brooklyn College, then taught an in New York schools for five years. Now 35, he divides his time between cartooning and serious art; he is a semi-abstractionist. He lives on Long Island with his photographer wife, Elaine, and two children. When he isn't drawing, he's reading -- serious stuff like philosophy and psychology."