Thursday, June 26, 2014

Comics: Here to Stay

Here I go again with just the illustrations for the 1959 book Comic Art in America that I've been posting every Thursday, these from the chapter Comics: Here to Stay.

Rather than annotate the strips, I'll let the captions speak for themselves.

Winnie Winkle by MARTIN BRANNER, 1928. Winnie has changed much since then, but is still highly attractive to enterprising men.
A Sunday Winnie Winkle of 1948, featuring Denny Dimwit. Homely and simple, Denny nevertheless managed to win through most of the time.
Tillie the Toiler,, by RUSS WESTOVER in 1932.
The finale for Tillie and Mac (1959): after decaded of courtship, the inevitable plans. Drawn by BOB GUSTAFSON.
A properly sentimental Ella Cinders of 1930, with a touch of the poet added by Blackie.
[CHARLES A.] VOIGHT's earlier creation [before Betty], Petey, this one dated June 21, 1921.
A recent Boots [and Her Buddies] by EDGAR MARTIN. All grown up and settled down now, Boots and husband Rod have time to supervise the love life of others.
A daily Etta Kett from 1950. Detail is absent from the faces, very much present in the clothes.
The illustrator's style par excellence: an illustration by RUSSELL PATTERSON for an article by O.O. McIntyre in 1928.
Patterson's beauties facing demobilization, 1945.
A good sample of the pre-Popeye Thimble Theatre, this one starring Castor Oyl. Drawn, of course, by ELZIE SEGAR, in 1920.
A fighting Popeye by ELZIE SEGAR. No spinach is in evidence, but none may be needed.
A Popeye Sunday page. J. Wellington Wimpy's passion for hamburgers was almost as well-known as Popeye's for spinach. 1937.
A backwoodsy Barney Google of 1937, by BILLY DEBECK. The city slicker outslicks himself. The last long panel is fine for both depth-of-field and humorous pathos.
A Barney Google of 1931, with Sparky semi-nude. Barney is worried because an international derby is coming up.
Barney Google two days later. DEBECK could let his imagination run wild. This is a fine parody of countless sports panels.

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