Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Something Else #2, 4 of 4

Like, here's the last of that issue of Something Else #2 from March 1971, the establishment's attempt to cash in on youth culture. You can see by the holes, it was designed to be put in your school binder.  photo 5-1-1_zpsf8d833e4.jpg  photo 5-1-2_zps4e0fea59.jpg  photo 5-1-3_zps3dfda2af.jpg  photo 5-1-4_zps3950bb4e.jpg  photo 5-1-5_zps43306b47.jpg  photo 5-1-6_zpse72107ae.jpg  photo 5-1-7_zps50b86e9b.jpg  photo 5-1-8_zpsfbd5dcf3.jpg  photo 5-1-9_zps37d4b220.jpg  photo 5-1-11_zps7ace59db.jpg Parody of the Winston ad campaign questioning the grammar of the campaign. It's funny how humor magazines always had articles and ad parodies of the consequences of cigarettes but if shows like Mad Men are any indication, the editors were probably casual about smoking cigarettes in the office.  photo 5-1-12_zpsdae56451.jpg I guess this is supposed to be about the irony of the ultimate “God and country” mascot being someone with long hair, though if it is, I think it's more cynicism by the Joe generation trying to fit in with the hippies not politically but recreationally, because 82% of hippies were queers and that's a fact.  photo 5-1-13_zps915ff130.jpg

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