Monday, April 29, 2013


Another issue of Crazy cashing in the latest pop culture craze, like this cover from May 1978 by Bob Larkin  photo 4-29-1_zps95de9ded.jpg Parody of Close Encounters of the Third Kind by Murad Gumen  photo 4-29-2_zpsb85a2d4c.jpg Kent Gamble  photo 4-29-3_zpsb09fac4a.jpg Tony Tallarico  photo 4-29-4_zps90e1b855.jpg See how many Jack Davis swipes you can find by Ken Landgraf.  photo 4-29-5_zpsa2eede62.jpg Vic Martin  photo 4-29-6_zpsce94acb9.jpg  photo 4-29-7_zpsd4838873.jpg  photo 4-29-8_zps7953f3ca.jpg Walter Brogan  photo 4-29-9_zpsd2999ffa.jpg  photo 4-29-10_zps22897426.jpg  photo 4-29-11_zps8ad75525.jpg4-29-11  photo 4-29-12_zps0a5136f3.jpg Ray Billingsley  photo 4-29-13_zps0d59729a.jpg David Wenzel  photo 4-29-14_zpse8c17c27.jpg Alan Kupperberg.  photo 4-29-15_zpsb96993f9.jpg Gary Brodsky  photo 4-29-16_zps8ef111fc.jpg

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