Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hobo News 2 of 2

Here's the rest of the cartoons from Hobo News just like I posted last Wednesday:

Do people outside cartoons actually hate their mother-in-law that badly?  photo 5-2-1_zpsb5b0132a.jpg There are a few references to “Jack Harris”. I couldn't find anything on the internet, but from the context he seems to be a politician that was part of the reason people were hobos.  photo 5-2-2_zpsca331faf.jpg  photo 5-2-3_zps1519f8ed.jpg Hobo News would be popular with those in the Tea Party today, and people with six fingers.  photo 5-2-4_zpsb24675aa.jpg  photo 5-2-5_zpsb3a81041.jpg  photo 5-2-6_zps63ea225a.jpg  photo 5-2-7_zps0d3a8af9.jpg  photo 5-2-8_zps9f3f4a4f.jpg  photo 5-2-9_zps6dbaf8ad.jpg  photo 5-2-10_zpsebc7ffa1.jpg  photo 5-2-11_zps0c3f6a6f.jpg  photo 5-2-12_zps1275db63.jpg  photo 5-2-13_zps67ecbe74.jpg  photo 5-2-14_zps16d505f9.jpg  photo 5-2-15_zps1434d760.jpg  photo 5-2-16_zpsb9a55edf.jpg  photo 5-2-17_zpsfb44bd37.jpg  photo 5-2-18_zpsbac690ef.jpg

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