Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sick #66, 3 of 3

We come to a close for now at what this country was laughing at in 1969 with the third part of our March issue of Sick.

By Paul Laikin and Bernard Wiseman.

What exactly is in an “oral enema” bag, anyway?  photo 5-22-1_zpsa237ece8.jpg  photo 5-22-2_zps7ca7ba2d.jpg Charles Rodrigues  photo 5-22-3_zps4b811757.jpg  photo 5-22-4_zps245e387e.jpg Don Orehek  photo 5-22-5_zps108a9db4.jpg  photo 5-22-6_zpse73a47b8.jpg Sick often had the back cover to start a parody of book or magazine as a flip side.  photo 5-22-7_zps5a28bc0e.jpg  photo 5-22-8_zps889d4ce5.jpg  photo 5-22-9_zps2f907ef1.jpg  photo 5-22-10_zpsc0edcb80.jpg  photo 5-22-11_zps83e76e66.jpg  photo 5-22-12_zpse9981147.jpg  photo 5-22-13_zps71f547e9.jpg  photo 5-22-14_zps68e1e679.jpg  photo 5-22-15_zps1d671be5.jpg  photo 5-22-16_zpsa4245e2a.jpg

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