Monday, May 20, 2013


The main thing I remember about this issue is that I was hit by a car at age eight and had to be in the hospital overnight. My parents gave me all sorts of gifts during my stay, and one of them was this issue, one of the things that got me into these magazines that persists to this day, even though I'm at least thirty years too old to be reading them. It's not particularly relevant to anything, and I don't even know why I remember it.

This issue of Crazy is from August 1978 by Bob Larkin. It's unlikely that he or editor Paul Laikin had even heard of KISS but knew they were popular and therefore sold magazines.  photo 5-20-1_zpsd50decc6.jpg Sam Viviano  photo 5-20-2_zps443f47d5.jpg I don't know how many kids actually saw Annie Hall. It was the first instance of Woody Allen not doing something solely for laughs (even though it inadvertently spawned the rom-com), so it was ripe for satire.  photo 5-20-3_zpsb5237079.jpg  photo 5-20-4_zpsb5ecf875.jpg They couldn't have known that today that it would be the other way around, with tea party protests co-opted by the right. Then again, contrarian views usually depended on who's in office, with the right (and the left. They're not off the hook for this either) saying not to question the actions of our government unless it's something you don't like. Liberals are still all hippies and conservatives stuffy older white men, though.

Art by Vic Martin  photo 5-20-5_zps359ce7f6.jpg  photo 5-20-6_zps675682af.jpg Walter Brogan  photo 5-20-7_zps3e58a01d.jpg David Manak  photo 5-20-8_zpsdd043587.jpg  photo 5-20-9_zpsfa1ad7a2.jpg  photo 5-20-10_zpscc8c14b5.jpg Murad Gumen  photo 5-20-11_zps9e96fa58.jpg Ray Billingsley  photo 5-20-12_zps2f0bd489.jpg Kent Gamble  photo 5-20-13_zpsf4e30482.jpg The main reason I knew who some of these celebrities are is because of articles like this. There could be other celebrities they could have been used instead of any of these and jokes they could have made about other traits these particular celebrities had. But being for kids, they couldn't very well have made jokes about Wilt Chamberlain's promiscuity or Linda Lovelace's claim of acting under duress.

Art by Tony Tallarico  photo 5-20-14_zpsea15281b.jpg David Wenzel  photo 5-20-15_zps295eff49.jpg  photo 5-20-16_zps02cc49c6.jpg Parody of Family  photo 5-20-17_zps951354fc.jpg

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