Thursday, May 23, 2013

HOOEY #11, 2 of 2

Here's the rest of the cartoons from the magazine Hooey from October 1932.  photo 5-23-1_zps5403eb59.jpg  photo 5-23-2_zps98cc3925.jpg  photo 5-23-3_zps19a5372e.jpg  photo 5-23-4_zps5b2a91ec.jpg  photo 5-23-5_zps45f6e773.jpg  photo 5-23-6_zps8e2349c0.jpg  photo 5-23-7_zpsff2cd0c8.jpg  photo 5-23-8_zps916e88b4.jpg  photo 5-23-9_zps1b8b9210.jpg  photo 5-23-10_zpsbe2f7948.jpg  photo 5-23-11_zps0813e5b5.jpg  photo 5-23-12_zpse6eeb677.jpg  photo 5-23-13_zps417afabe.jpg  photo 5-23-14_zpsb1f88074.jpg  photo 5-23-15_zps74845a78.jpg  photo 5-23-16_zpscb1ff4d0.jpg  photo 5-23-17_zpsccf2db6d.jpg

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