Thursday, May 16, 2013

HOOEY #11, 1 of 2

And now instead of showing cartoons from the 60s or 70s, I'm going back to the 30s with this issue of Hooey. Number 11 from October 1932 to be exact.  photo 5-16-1_zps24bdffac.jpg  photo 5-16-2_zps42336d43.jpg They actually are looking to the right but then if they said 'left' they'd have to explain it.  photo 5-16-3_zps05a28540.jpg  photo 5-16-4_zpsee156edb.jpg  photo 5-16-5_zps83413101.jpg  photo 5-16-6_zps4d5b1226.jpg  photo 5-16-7_zpsb339a177.jpg  photo 5-16-8_zps784a90ee.jpg  photo 5-16-9_zps3ae2f073.jpg  photo 5-16-10_zps86d52005.jpg  photo 5-16-11_zps9d29f547.jpg  photo 5-16-12_zpsbc0625ad.jpg  photo 5-16-13_zpsde4ea84c.jpg  photo 5-16-14_zps68b0a29b.jpg  photo 5-16-15_zps80fd4ea8.jpg  photo 5-16-16_zpsf99c4835.jpg  photo 5-16-17_zpsf46d1e5b.jpg  photo 5-16-18_zpse2352e51.jpg

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