Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sick #66, 2 of 3

SICK #66, 2 of 3 The middle part of that issue of that issue of Sick from March 1969.

Al Kaufman  photo 5-15-1_zps5a161f67.jpg  photo 5-15-2_zps9ea925df.jpg  photo 5-15-3_zps8a67a44e.jpg  photo 5-15-4_zps95c3e6c0.jpg Many issues had a movie “review” which was mostly stills from the film with captions added, like this article on The Thomas Crown Affair.  photo 5-15-5_zpse5e0a8e1.jpg  photo 5-15-6_zps615a8bee.jpg  photo 5-15-7_zps295c4d6a.jpg Parody of The Detective  photo 5-15-8_zpsa110c7a9.jpg  photo 5-15-9_zps7a6e975e.jpg  photo 5-15-10_zps31ae2c73.jpg Art by Bob Taylor  photo 5-15-11_zps3b80d866.jpg Bill Kresse  photo 5-15-12_zpsa2d22ac2.jpg  photo 5-15-13_zps52bcd909.jpg  photo 5-15-14_zps4096926c.jpg  photo 5-15-15_zps36ce80f6.jpg  photo 5-15-16_zps17bbffc8.jpg Sometimes they had house ads to fill space, but look at the circulation statement. There were around 300,000 copies sold of this magazine! Much more than Mad now. Where did they go? Why are they so hard to find? How come you don't know someone who read Sick regularly? Why aren't they in any histories of comics? Even Cracked is usually mentioned. Were they more ubiquitous when I was born? When they went from publisher to publisher (there were six) were they sold as part of a package deal? They couldn't all have been pulped by distributors and newsdealers otherwise they wouldn't have lasted twenty years. What happened? Maybe the publisher was just lying.  photo 5-15-17_zps82fa400d.jpg

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