Monday, May 13, 2013


Issue of Crazy from July 1978. Again with a cover byBob Larkin  photo 5-13-1_zps6edac84a.jpg The inside front cover a poster that was pretty much the same as the cover. Different positions, but same artist and the joke is the same with the “Nebbish” mascot moving in and the caption “Four's a crowd”

Parody of Three's Company illustrated by Kent Gamble. The writer is “Rico Tallar”, most likely a pen name, since it's a variation of frequent Crazy contributor Tony Tallarico. The story ends with Richard Nixon becoming the new roommate. Nixon was one of the many “when in doubt” punchlines.  photo 5-13-2_zps1037f837.jpg Sam Viviano  photo 5-13-3_zps1ce2c9a3.jpg  photo 5-13-4_zps3c36f288.jpg  photo 5-13-5_zps83e048fb.jpg Inspired by the then-popular Randy Newman song  photo 5-13-6_zps6c6d122e.jpg Vic Martin  photo 5-13-7_zpsdb2680a0.jpg  photo 5-13-8_zps5aa3ccfc.jpg  photo 5-13-9_zpsb26047e4.jpg  photo 5-13-10_zps29216968.jpg  photo 5-13-11_zpsb42fadb8.jpg  photo 5-13-12_zps3084b3a0.jpg David Wenzel  photo 5-13-13_zpsacc9890d.jpg  photo 5-13-14_zps1e663898.jpg Gary Brodsky  photo 5-13-15_zps6e7f8abe.jpg Sam Viviano often puts himself in his strips. The contestant on Concentration Camp may be him.  photo 5-13-16_zps9c116008.jpg  photo 5-13-17_zpsf2b16015.jpg

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