Thursday, March 21, 2013

Coronet 2 of 2

The rest of the cartoons taken from the first issue of Coronet:

Abner Dean  photo 3-21-1_zpsd901a666.jpg The next two were by Dorothy McKay.  photo 3-21-2_zps662a9005.jpg  photo 3-21-3_zps986a0e0d.jpg Gilbert Bundy  photo 3-21-4_zpsbda95142.jpg  photo 3-21-5_zpsfd3a1693.jpg E. Simms Campbell  photo 3-21-6_zpsb80aef7b.jpg  photo 3-21-7_zps306ed07a.jpg John Groth?  photo 3-21-8_zpsc801ac6e.jpg  photo 3-21-9_zps27aaf340.jpg  photo 3-21-10_zpsac6b84ef.jpg  photo 3-21-11_zps6873d700.jpg  photo 3-21-12_zps9903d9a9.jpg

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