Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Here's another issue of Cracked from my humor magazine collection. This one's from January 1976.

Cover, like most Cracked covers, is by John Severin showcasing the interior parody of Good Times. Though the show was ostensibly about life in the projects, it became more of a showcase for star Jimmie Walker and his catch phrase “Dy-No-Mite!”. The actors playing the parents quit for the reason that because of this the show left its original premise and could have taken place anywhere.  photo 3-20-1_zps55452d6e.jpg The inside front and back cover were usually a poster with a slogan like this.  photo 3-20-2_zps4206a765.jpg Here's the parody from the cover.  photo 3-20-3_zps5c4ba38a.jpg The shark craze based on Jaws, one of the first films to make what was once exclusively drive-in fare the standard for all big-budget movies. Art by Don Orehek.  photo 3-20-4_zpse7a95b4d.jpg Sururi Gumen was a veteran comic artist in Turkey (and father of Murad Gumen), who became one of Cracked's top artists.  photo 3-20-5_zpse1b5fe09.jpg I accidentally pressed the button I use for my own art while scanning, making this into a bitmap scan with higher resolution. Some of the humor magazines I have taken some of the other magazines from discs which have the pages whitened like thisas well. I prefer the yellowing newsprint look, though.

Mascot Sylvester P. Smythe carries the letter S on the last page all throughout the magazine.  photo 3-20-6_zps7ed4c07b.jpg  photo 3-20-7_zps0415e8e9.jpg Bill Ward  photo 3-20-8_zps5d6f49d3.jpg Now a look all the way into the future of 1985. Pictured are Bea Arthur (Maude), Freddy Prinze (Chico and the Man), Carroll O'Connor (Archie Bunker, All in the Family), Karl Malden (Lt. Mike Stone, Streets of San Francisco), an attention-grabbing contestant from Let's Make a Deal, Mary Tyler Moore, Valerie Harper (Rhoda), Dennis Weaver (McCloud, Esther Rolle (Florida Evans, Good Times), Lawrence Welk, Ted Knight and Gavin McLeod (Ted Baxter and Murray Slaughter,Mary Tyler Moore), ?, Jack Lord (Pat McGarrett,Hawaii Five-O, Wayne Rogers and Alan Alda (Hawkeye Pierce and Trapper John,M*A*S*H), ?, Mike Connors (Mannix), ?, Darren McGavin (Kolchak, Night Stalker), Yvonne DeCarlo (Lilly Munster. Although The Munsters had been off the air for some time, I think the joke here is that she's supposed to be a vampire that Kolchak kills), Mr. Magoo, Sherman Hemsley(George Jefferson, The Jeffersons), Big Bird, Gary Burghoff (Radar O'Reilly, M*A*S*H), Bugs Bunny, Lee Majors (Six Million Dollar Man), William Conrad (Cannon), Peter Falk (Columbo), Cher, Richard Thomas,The Waltons, ?, Martin Millner and Kent McCord (Adam-12), Walter Cronkite, Jean Stapleton (Edith Bunker, All in the Family), Telly Savalas (Kojak), Johnny Carson, Buddy Ebsen (Barnaby Jones),?, Robert Young (Marcus Welby, M. D.), Angie Dickinson (Police Woman) [whew!].

Most were actually still alive in 1985, some still are. Some are actually still working as actors. I doubt the Let's Make a Deal contestant is, though.  photo 3-20-9_zps94e83b28.jpg Parody of The French Connection II.  photo 3-20-10_zps6d30ae79.jpg  photo 3-20-11_zpsf51c6af0.jpg  photo 3-20-12_zps270bf758.jpg  photo 3-20-13_zpse9eb11f7.jpg I doubt there ever were these notebooks. I never met anyone who had them and never came across any in my years of going to antique stores and flea markets. If anyone has one, let me know so I know they existed.  photo 3-20-14_zps9a9cf2e1.jpg  photo 3-20-15_zps62456480.jpg This and the back cover were by Charles Rodrigues  photo 3-20-16_zps583731c0.jpg  photo 3-20-17_zps02d0aa59.jpg

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