Monday, March 18, 2013


Another issue of Crazy which, although possibly unfunny as many have suggested, is a time capsule into how the world was , in this case, September 1977.

After the deceptively realistic cover of the cast of Welcome Back, Kotter from Bob Larkin comes the interior content. There's actually not a parody of the show on the inside and this was probably used to cash in on the show's popularity:  photo 3-18-1_zpsaa346bb2.jpg The upper right corner of the letters page always had their mascot carrying a sign with a slogan. Funny how this one mentions imitators as the magazine was the most imitative of all the Mad competitors.  photo 3-18-2_zps8526531a.jpg Parody of the sitcom One Day at a Time from Kent Gamble. I planned to post this a few weeks ago, but I swear, there's no Magic Whistle curse that kills off celebrities.  photo 3-18-3_zps04b34553.jpg  photo 3-18-4_zpscc28f764.jpg I was hesitant about posting this, which would never fly today, but in the 70s I guess they were considered a “safe stereotype”. I decided to post it for journalistic purposes, though I doubt the creators put this on their resumé.  photo 3-18-5_zps993220d2.jpg Alan Kupperberg  photo 3-18-6_zpsaa2f8487.jpg Sam Viviano.  photo 3-18-7_zps796f6d5b.jpg  photo 3-18-8_zps574a8535.jpg Tony Tallarico  photo 3-18-9_zpsa5cd33bf.jpg  photo 3-18-10_zps4d23eb99.jpg  photo 3-18-11_zpsd1df84dd.jpg  photo 3-18-12_zpsba77f7fc.jpg  photo 3-18-13_zpse58ac62a.jpg  photo 3-18-14_zpsd5a57264.jpg  photo 3-18-15_zps43318cd3.jpg Parody of The Gong Show drawn by David Wenzel  photo 3-18-16_zps1b529ce5.jpg

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